How to buy your first home in San Francisco.

Have you been wondering about the process for purchasing a home and didn’t know if you can afford to it or what the process might be? In this post I am hoping to demystify the process of home purchase and get you in the right direction to buying your first place.

Here is a handy graphic that really explains the steps that any home buyer will go through in any market. Unless, of course, you are buying your home for cash, then some of the steps don’t apply.


Picking a Buyer’s Agent is a very important step and would that is going to set the tone of your purchase process. Which, honestly, can bring out the worst in the nicest people. I’ve seen it and it ain’t pretty. As a Buyer YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THE BUYER’S AGENT. The Buyer’s Agent is paid for by a commission paid by the Seller. You get all that amazing service for FREE! Don’t cheap out and go with a discount brokerage and get discount service. Go with the best because you deserve it and it’s FREE!

Can You Even Afford to Purchase in San Francisco?

Check out this fabulous affordability calculator from the New York Times to see if you are dreaming or if home ownership in San Francisco is possible.


What is up with the market in San Francisco these days anyway? Well, that is a great question. Although no one can predict the future, early indicators are showing that we are entering a market that is more normalized. What does normalized mean? It means that there is good inventory, not so many offers on each property and property is selling for a more normalized price. Use the calculator above to determine if it’s better for you to rent or buy. Also, check out this video below on the most recent market statistics for San Francisco for condos and single family homes.

Ultimately it is your decision to buy or to rent and I am here to help you find home in this amazing City, if you choose to. Curious what is on the market? Click below to start your search or reach out we can chat.